Sunday, July 31, 2005

im so tired of thinking of a tittle

well my stupid phone has this stupid problem this stupid pink stuff n its so damn anoying n i jus dont like pink i wanna get it off so i went to pyramid to find out what the hell it was n they said that i have to get it done at the service centre hihihi i think to service the lcd is gonna couse me a bomb or two hihihihihih y la !!!!!anyways Fantastic 4 rocks!!!n jes alba is hot with the capital H hahahah !!till next entry tata !!

5:47 PM

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

another day another story

hello there again i felt a sudden earge to write blogs today so yea anywys today not enything fancy but ye basic day but well heighlight of the day well i wouldnt call it a heighlight coz it ws a damn fight stupid Boon n his damnass bad temper i hate him so much i feel like jus slapping his bloody pimplelik ass face n ergggh!!!hahaha anyways yea it was kinda scary but i was like hopelessly standing there trying to stop them but i jus couldnt move donno y its like somethin was tellin me tat if i get involve i jus might make the situation a little more terifiying hahah anyways yea i guess tats my day so till then chows!!

11:20 PM

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

OMG its been so long since i wrote in hihihiihih

HYE PPL!!!!im back hahhah well its been a bloody long time huh??hahahha anyways i have well a kind reasonable reason y i dint write for a hell long time COZ I WAS LAZY HAHAHAH!!!anwyas ive been up to quite abit so far i just came back frm sabah i was well facilitating a camp for the girls home in tenggilan n also a camp in Mantarnao i think tats how u spell it la hahahah anyways im waiting desprately to find ppl to play with me in the upcoming AND1 in sep18 hahahaha damn im tat desprate huh??hahaha so yea ill keep writing as much as i can la hahaha so till then c ya !!

10:04 PM

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Saturday, July 02, 2005


hye yall its been a hell long time huh??anyways im back muahahahahhaha ive been up with so many many thing lately i went for the Brats green pow wow damn tat thing rock the world man damn chun wei it about this confrence were teens frm all round come to talk bout enviromental issues n creat campaigns to raise ewerness the best campaingn was to be given 100usd per participan n the group chun leh hahahaha then ive ummm ahhhh yea b4 i forget my AND 1 streetball comp chun wei damn fun i lov it so so so so much anyways i jus came back frm genting i went there for wong lee hom concert quit nice la boring abit la but the best thing was the girls awwwww!!!!!!!so the sexy !!!!!!!!hot wei !!anyways the theme park rocks wei!!u must go on the new ride it rocks seriously!!10 bucks worth it!!anywaysa ill update yall son k?nites !!

i kinda post the photos here soz i got alot so go to

11:59 PM

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