Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I tell you sometimes i wish that exams never existed . Its cause when you think your done with one paper and u never wanna do it again , hohohohoh trust me theres like 1830982320480918 million more papers for u to go through...dumb fucks.... but in a way exams has its pros and cons like many other things in life . FOR example :-
1.during exams you get to go for break earlier then you juniors =)
2.you get a massive load of free time during intervals between your exams
3.ummmm..you get to sit in groups trying to "revise" hehe i mean thats what i do la

the bad thing bout exams is that :-
1.after your done with one paper u have TONS more to take *normal la *
2.after the paper u still have a whole lot of time , thus you get bored and start doing stupid stuff
3.its exams *u'll get over it* and what ?? get on with other hard stuff ?? hehe

good thing tomorrow its my last paper artz... ive got no problem with artz, no no no , no problem at all its just the theory for artz can kill you thats all *fumbles and merajuk* so yea when im done with that IM DONE !!!

To times i think to myself ,do people still consider 16 year olds as minors or young independent adults ?? coz on Thursday after my mid-terms IM GOING TO ZOO NEGARA *YAY* HAHA . wouldnt it be awkward to see a bus load of 16 year olds wearing their school sports uniforms and watching animals do their stuff ?? how awkward can that be ?? hehehe but its gonna be fun i think ?? watching monkeys pee into each others mouth hehehe =)

I watched Spider man 3 the other day actually it was last Friday and holy crap was it hilarious . half way through the movie when spider man became emo man hehe , the electricity was cut of IN THE CINEMA !! it was so damn funny ive heard of cinema's going on fire but this ?? hehe this is just funny *FULLSTOP!!* haha first time have i ever experienced such a thing . all and all its was a good movie hehe emo man ... hehe i wanna watch Spider Man 4 and hopefully itll be him against Carnage =D yea !!

I cant seem to download the new fall out boy song la ...if anyone has it care to share =) hehehe its a nice song

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

fi fai fo fum !!

sometimes i just cant believe what people will do to see a preview or an opening of a new movie or some crap like that i mean after all its just a MOVIE , their not giving a way 192999399 million Rupias or something like that . i went to pyramid today to TRY to catch the first show for spidey 3 . and when i got there....hehehe boy was i amused by the number for people there it was as tough they were standing there for the past 8hrs or maybe even the night before which would have been pretty freaky 0_o anyways moving on.

MY MUM IS HAVING A TEA PARTY ??....IN OUR HOUSE ??.... well not exactly a tea party or any smancy pansy event but she want to start a business which is basically like opening up a 'cafe' and she cooks while a number of o-so-lucky people come together to taste heaven .i mean that.well sort of.hmmmm. so yea tomorrow is just like a experimental trial where again a few of o-so-lucky people get to come to the house and eat slices of heaven hehehe MUAHAHAH!!!

well anyways i just found the two best things that for ME is worth paying for . i found The Used soundtracks !! i really really want to get my big hands on those cd's only thing is i dont have the big green,red,blue colored notes :\ NEVER MIND !! when you want something u gotta work for it am i correct !! so i shall SAVE !!! tough i was planning on taking up a business plan or some sort some way of making money on the side you just for my expenditure and also to kinda help my mum financially . but i think ill do that later on .

another thing that i found out thats worth money on is an extra RAM card thinking of getting a 1GB RAM card and combining it with my 512 MB RAM card and thus i shall optimize my computers performance to 1.5 GB ??? *if anyone knows the correct answer pls do tell me im pretty bad at these kinda stuff * THE REASON i need to optimize my be-a-u-ti-full system is because of the following reasons :-

1.i bought Battlefield 2142 without knowing that the speed of my computer is like the speed of a fat panda on a tortoise .

2.i bought myself and o-so-lovely new hard drive which is a 80GB Seagate hard drive and right new is desperately in need of speed .seriously.

3.i just need speed =) *lots of it *

coming to a conclusion i will have to save a cut back amount of RM300 maybe ?? I KNOW its allot to cut back on therefore i shall not eat cafeteria food *its not worth eating anyways* coz its not worth eating and i shall also save up to RM100 a month due to certain cut down of expenditures . there , that my fellow friends is the plot i plan to hold on to till my goal is scored or conquered *or some smancy pantsy word u would use to replace those two words.*

MID TERM EXAMS AR HERE OOOHHH SHIAT!! bagaimana la aku !! SIAL!!! boleh la i think im game for it hopefully .


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