Tuesday, March 25, 2008

FACEBOOK bloody mukabuku

bloody fuck man !!!
and for what reason ?? its coz i dint put in the stupid high school network ! what the AF! man i tell you why do people do stupid things like this i mean what the fuck if im NOT in a schooling network i cant use facebook ?? phhhffftttt what the heck man !!

anyways my frustration on facebook will come to an end in due time *as in when facebook has come to a conclusion that NOT ALL PEOPLE HAVE FREAKING HIGH SCHOOL NETWORKS A-hole!!* uh-hem as i was saying i have a very strong feeling that this years sports day wont be as great as the other years .why you ask ?? here are several reasons for that very statement:
1.we had/have only 2 weeks to collect point for the sports houses,marching practice,banner and decor designs..yes ladies and wee-ners ..2WEEKS!!!

2.Mr im-such-a-great-principle has done up the schedule so "nicely" that we are only allowed to do sports practice in the afternoon for an hour at 2.30-3.30 ...... what the heck are we suppose to do in an hour a-hole !!

3.the reason for the fact above is because as we all know this is the because the global warming situation has made a great impact de kan ?? so it has the causing Malaysia to rain macam tak pernah hujan dalam 10 tahun. *but hye beats uber hot days =D*

so yes ladies and wee-ners those are the reasons why i think that the sports day this yr will not be as great BUT knowing me and my optimism factor i think SEDAYANS WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN NO MATTER WHAT KAN !!?? kan ??!! 0_o

so anyways all the bad new talk has made me kinda turn sore therefore i shall begin to mention the GOOD things that happend :
1.i FINALLY got my sweet kick-ass Creative vision M back from warranty after 3 weeks.

2.ive gone back to the gym =D

3.hope to get financial issue settled by end of the month ??

4.looks forward for a new day =D * toldcya im optimistic *

so basically i have been asigned to be the official photographer for sportsday =) *huge ass grin* get to taking the picture for the sports day-ing hehe.

anyways will upload picx on multiply soon on sportsday

10:27 PM

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Brats taiping 2k8

OH MY GOD !!! FINALLY MAN !! 15 yrs of waiting has ended i have finally OFFICIALLY become a Brat of forth this day !! phew .

Now i dont have to curi curi Sr workshops anymore with my liquid paper'd Brats Jr tag which i got when i was 13 phffftttt. haha . anyways 15 yrs waiting bo liow allrdy so damn happy. anyways the program has totally taken a 360 change. I would say that this is the biggest change ever to the program because its all so so much more "mysterious" as the program is now engineered and designed in a way where by each program would have its own mark on the participants. its uberly cool as there are no more "make your own and publish ur own newspaper" thingy anymore. now it's all gone and they brought in video. damn cool kan ??.

the seniors for this camp were Muix, Mellisa , Hui and Muzhani. they did an excellent job handling us but kind of awkword la coz i was the sr for Mellisa's camp and now she sr-ing me hahah but alls good .

I think to me the best part of the camp since its change is that more media has been brought in so much so that it relates to alot of what we do on a daily basis . One of the biggest addition to the program was to bring in the video media because now-a-days like mum has said lots of times is that there are loads of revenues that are being used to host and broadcast news to your front door but the most influential media would be the internet because almost the whole world uses the internet for information and such . websites such as Youtube and other video hosting websites are now capable to bring you news immediately. therefore now Brats has taken a whole new level by going into video media to introduce another revenue that will bring news not only from the papers. but there were still stuff about the news papers that we had to do like articles and stuff but more a less we did cover alot on videography and photography.

HO!! like in every Brats camp i stay low and sort of undercover and GODDAMMIT IT WORKED !! hahaha it was so secret that the guys tought that my bro was Melissa's brother and ju eng her mom heheheh till the last day .anyways it was all fun and i will say it again IM FINALLY A BRAT AFTER 15 YRS !!! hehehe now can sr officially =P haha .

5:36 PM

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D@nC!ng M0nK@y
Lets get the show on , yes rockstar ?

ME :)

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doing that thing i do :P

this is me. not your average joe. chef in training , photographer and ice hockey player

imma whoop your ass kiddo ;)


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