Friday, December 14, 2007

booochika wa wa !!

DUDE i have seriously have never found myself writing such an emo post before man kimak sial !!! anyways ive had a few things going on during the last few weeks, months, days etc etc etc .Anyways its been one heck of a year for me la new school , new found friends and so so so so much more .

I went to 3 major major concerts man this year and by george!!it was a freaking bomb man !!! first concert I went to was in I think late march ?? Kanye West in stadium Kuala Lumpur with Jy and Vanessa not surprisingly Gary also la *phfff funny hip-hop hockey coach of mine * . but then in July Good Charlotte came to town and I had freaking media passes baby !! had a blast there coz I suddenly met up with Arleen* my o-so-hot friend of mine* and Sean *defense partner in hockey !! booyaa!! * and the whole buch of them la. We just had crazy go nuts fun time la. And on the 9th of December 2007.... My freaking Chemical Romance yo !! damn siok wei I have seen the emo’s of the emo’s and the goth’s of the goth’s at that concert. Plus plus plus I had front stage tickets hehehe .

Its was more then just concerts and meeting up concert buddies for this year but umm I think maybe abit of a new school would add a lil kick to it ?? Sri Sedaya the school which….well…not a school which I fency and most definitely not a school which by half of this year would still say is a school better then my previous school, BUT I guess I’ll just finish off there la. I mean its only a year kan ??

New school = new found friends kan ?? so boy hehehe have I found a fucking load of new friends man. Crazy, hyper, hot, musically talented, weird, talkative u name it la all oso got one le !! hehe

Movies movies and o so much movies that I have watch and STILL wanting to watch this year like umm I havnt watched Hitman and Enchanted yet kinda wanting to watch those. Hehe

Also this year I found a new year end job at Hagaan Dazs hehe yea ice cream boy. I fucking sell world premium ice cream yo !! I’m like 1 step closer to chasing my dream I guess.

Also umm this year there was a huge down fall for me during the beginning of the year when my good friend pass away ummm it was rather sad la I mean he was close and all soooo yea..

Anyways to everyone everywhere anywhere !! HAPPY NEW YEAR AND MERRY XMAS TO ALL !!! I’ll see you again next year !!

I’ll end this post with this years theme song hehe *I kinda think its pretty cool hehe =) *

2:16 AM

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

whats there to blog about ??

whats there to blog about ? i could write about the birds, the trees, and everything under the sun but maybe i had seconds thoughts and start writing about you . =)

Why do I wanna blog bout you or the actual question is what made me blog about you . its not always that I log about someone or something as you can see that I have only 136 posts on my blog considering the fact that other people would blog an average of possibly 2 posts a week ? but I tend or at least try to make my posts special or make it count not because I need readers to come clicking at my blog so that ill get paid a check of RM500 every month by adverlets. Hehe. But its just for self satisfactory reasons. Therefore I would like to blog about you .

I always looked up to people such as su ann* pinkpau* or lisan *lisan scribbles* for good stuff to write about but this post just seemed to have poped out of nowhere when you came into my head. It wasn’t always like this until today. Ever since I saw you the other day by the entrance of the coffee shop , I knew that I could not forget you.

Since that very day, I always liked a few things about you almost your whole character and appearance. Till our first “Hello”. =)

Its been a while now , and YET I still could not come up to tell you how much I liked you and why I liked you so much. So I figured that maybe if I wrote or now typed it out first it would maybe make things a lil easier.

The reason why I like you is because your not only beautiful outside but your also beautiful on the inside. The smile that I see each and every time makes me feel like im in a better place and makes my day slightly brighter. The thoughtfulness and generosity of you when adopted a puppy from the shelter home and named it Mocho and insured it a home for it to live in and people who loved it dearly .

During prom night, when I saw you in the baby blue prom dress and high heals, I thought you were the most prettiest girl in the whole ball room. The time when I fetched you home in the rain from the library after studying for your big exam the next day , you said that even tough if you studied so hard you wouldn’t pass your papers and I said that all you needed was a lil self confidence in yourself and you smiled back and me and the very day you got your results by the jumping, and huge smile on your face I knew that you did it already. The time I rushed to the mall after you called me the take you home when your hopeless ex-boyfriend dumped you for another girl, you wouldn’t stop crying and I told you no matter what you will always find a way better guy out there then him. I felt awfully hopeless as all I could do was sit with you and wipe the tears from your eyes.

We grew older I found myself liking you. Though it may seem weird even to me but I just had to tell you this before it was to late. This may seem like an awfully emo post that I have ever written but all I have to add on for a last touch is....
Who are you ??

why havnt i found you??

where are you??

10:26 PM

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