Thursday, October 18, 2007

second thoughts

ive been having second thoughts about geting the ipod nano third generation coz ive seen the new sony walkman nw-s610f *dammit its a damn long name * the sound quality compaired to the ipod is slightly lower grade but it has a much much more cooler,user friendly features . compaired to the ipod i think that the sony walkman is much worth my budget plus its only going for RM599 for 4gb and battery lasting for music is 33hrs and video 9.5hrs which i think is very efficient =)

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booooyaaaa baby i just got back from the greatest city *to me * in the world Bangkok , THAILAND !!! yea spent Raya there with my family + jia yung's family + Hui's family plus literally shoped till i droped hahaha i was a very well spent Raya i would say *spent....haha get it "spent" ?? ...never mind =( *

so anyways on the day that we arrived at the Thailand international airport by Air Asia which umm kinda sucked during the going there flight , but coming back was pretty cool. We stayed at this hotel ,Edmaral Hotel which had this sort of vintage 1940 kinda look to it but had a sense on techno to it *oo btw the hotel serves a heck of a good breakfast buffet =)* . as i was saying hahaha , the hotel was next to umm two shopping malls which i found Dairy Queen's-blended-served-upside down-or-its free ice cream for only 19bth thats only RM1.90 0_0 back here it would have been close to RM 9 for a regular hahaha . anyways we ate at this restaurant called Lelawadee . it was sort of a pub / restaurant kinda place it had the most drop to earth good thai food and drop to earth cheap alcoholic drinks i mean 170bht *i think* for a pina colada ??hahah kinda cool aint it ?? *btw im not sure bout the price but its close to that and thats only RM17 *

we went to the Royal Palace located somewhere in town and it was freaking huge hahah i thought that it was just a huge ass castle on top of a hill or something but kanasai its like a bloody fortress with temples and shop and so many other stuu it was just awesome la hahahah .

Chatuchak was damn awesome la . the things there were damn cheap and bargain able and the place was huge !!! unfortunately when we got there it rained heavily and dint get to shop much but in the end we did get to shop abit before closing time =) . bought myself new shoes which cost 750bht hahaha RM75 haha its black and red =) . anyways im just gona post pics up for you to see *just another lame excuse coz im really lazy to write allrdy =) *

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bangkok international airport

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snake farm thailand

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Lelawadee statue

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Royal Palace

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the temple inside the palace

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Royal Palace with Royal Tourist haha

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thats all for the photo BUT if u wanna see more head on to my multiply site to see all the photos from bangkok

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Monday, October 01, 2007

iPod nano has come a long way hasnt it ??

im so so tempted in buying the new ipod nano. i mean since i first saw it on the net its seems to be quite an slik and cool gadget . ive read the reviews on this piece of monster and it seems to be quite a value for money gadget. it comes in all sorts of fancyfull rainbow colors for the 8 gb one but unfortunately it only comes in silver for the 4 gb one . anyways not to worry about the colors so much the price of this lil monster is about RM619-RM 800++ i mean thats so darn cool right ?? RM 619 for a 4 gb i pod nano is so worth it hehe =) . ooo heres the good part . the nano now comes with video.... =D yeas!!!!!!!!!! hahaa so watcya think ?? worth it kan ?? anyways gimme your opinion if its worth its 2 sens haha .

the new ipod nano *aint it pretty =)*

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D@nC!ng M0nK@y
Lets get the show on , yes rockstar ?

ME :)

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doing that thing i do :P

this is me. not your average joe. chef in training , photographer and ice hockey player

imma whoop your ass kiddo ;)

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