Tuesday, August 29, 2006

every little thing ....

Let me in
to see you in the morning light
to get me on and all along the tears they come
see all come
I want you to believe in life
but I get the strangest feeling that you've gone away
will you find out who you are too late to change?
I wish I could be
every little thing you wanted
all the time
I wish I could be
every little thing you wanted
all the time
some times

lift me up
just lift me up don't make a sound
and let me hold you up before you hit the Ground
see all come
you say your all right
but I get the strangest feeling
that you've gone away- you've gone away
and will you find out who you are too late to change?

I wish I could be
every little thing you wanted
all the time
I wish I could be
every little thing you wanted
all the time
some times

Don't give me up
don't give me up tonight
or soon nothing will be right at all
will you find out who you are too late to change?

I wish I could be
every little thing you wanted

11:27 AM

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im bored and im sick.......... what could get any worse ???

11:25 AM

Monday, August 28, 2006

Seven things that scare me
- Exams
- Lonelyness
- clowns
-rich people *sometimes la *
- my maths results
- losing a person i love
- Fear

Seven things I like
- most definately culinary cooking
- Hanging around the streets, at night.
- Photography
- My ice hockey sticks hehe
- Friends.
- My PC
- My family

Seven important things in my room
- My sound system
- Bed.*rosak allrdy tapi nak beli baru *
- Handphone.
- Mp3
- Clothes.
- Fan.
- Me xD

Seven random facts about me
- Im fat. but working out hehe
- I have a pierced left ear
- I feel in love with my Amporio Armani shades
- I have a pet iguana
- I love music.all types
- I love cooking
- I ummm love *hehe malu la wanna say this but*shopping haha

Seven things I plan to do before I die
- Try not to die that fast.
- Get an iPod video
- Own a restaurent like Jamie Olivers *awesome mate,happy days *
- Marry Jassica alba *if shes still that young by then haha*
- Go to watch an NHL game
- Score at least 110 points in my hockey league
- Get a new phone PLS !!

Seven things I can do
- Draw.
- Cook good food
- play hockey
- laugh really loud and make other laugh for no aparent reason
- Take photos.
- try to create my very own tattoo design*not acomplished yet *
Make my own Frap

Seven things I can't do
- Dance
- do add math
- sleep early ??
- drive YET *see the word yet* no license YET
- eat as much as Aimee *U WAIT *
- remember phone numbers
- tell really funny jokes

Seven things I say the most
- OI!
- o-kay
- dude...
- watheffffff
- huh??
- Eh??
- yeap yeap

Seven people who will have to do this:
- Aimee
- Suphon *hah!! in your face !!!*
- Sze too
- AH ling
- Sheen *muahahahah*
- Navin

11:06 PM

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my lonely times...

Im sitting here by my computer and im half way getting bitten dead by mossys and i suddenly have this weird feeling that just past my mine that ive been single for quite a while but it was a lil confusing cause i knew tht i had a girlfriend before but nothing really happend thats why we broke up .

I've always had this desprate feeling or call it a temptation as u may to find a girlfriend but in my brain i knew it was never a necessity . but on the other hand i was constantly telling myself that i should.

Have u ever had this deep felling of peer preasure when u go out to the mall or to the park and u find lovers strolling round the area and they seem so happy . but when u look at it at a different prespective u find out that your the black dot among the white dots and u feel like just esprately going up to someone and asking them out on a date ?? well my friends thats the same kind of feeling i feel every single time.

See after me and shini broke up i swore to myself that i would never want to speak or talk or even see her anymore its probably the anger in me was really intanse.but everytime im alone i kinda miss her bit by bit .even tough nothing special happend btw the two of us cause of the places that we live in *i mean shes all the way in Ausy and im here * that kinda thing .but deep inside i wished i never broke up with her i just wanted to be with someone so desprately that it would come to and extand that i would start believing in love at first sight *its kinda pathetic i know* but yea it was that bad .

But as the days go by i keep telling myself constantly that life has lots installed for me and its not the end of the road yet . But why does a felling inside me tell me that this may be the final chapter and i might not be able to find a person of my life anymore . is it really the end ?? well im hoping not im just driffting in my boat to where life takes me too .

*Thx Aimee and jolyn thx alot*

6:24 PM

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Pinang trip and other nonsence that happend to me *sadly*

ok remember i told u i was going to penang for work ?? yea i did and boy was it cool . Anyways the Spirit of Pinang was a big hit with over 1000 peeps participating and a grand prize of RM10000 was up for grabs . So anyways in all the busy,busy & the rush,rush in Pinang guess wat.....i got picked pocket....FUCK MAN I TELL U !!!! SCREW U THE PERSON WHO STOLE MY WALLET there was RM 18 and my IC in there plus that wallet is ori Timberland wallet from Orlando Florida !! tiu ni a bu kanasai.

OOO yea i found this really cool link to a blog that plays this really funny hokkien song called jit ba ban *One mill bucks* damn siou cha bo la really damn funny .

so anyhows ive got some pics while i was home making coffee *man i have to say im pretty good hahah *

*coffee good *

*u cant really see the pic but its my coffee machine and my great cup of coffee*

eh can someone tell me how u get those words on ur pics i desprately wanna know la !!

9:37 PM

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Pick Week

Currently listening:Padi-Menanti sebuah jawapan

YAY!! i finally can download movies on my comp great stuff man .WOW. im downloading Benchwarmers >_< i know you all think its pretty lame and all but the heck man i love that movie its stupidly funny man!!

Damn wei trails started allrdy damn kau stress siot.What makes it even worse is that tomorow is math 0_0 yes u heard me MATH FREAKING MATH!! crap man how amd i suppose to servive this weeks long exams . I can barely servive Geo haha. todays english papper kau tim la they ask me to write more than 120 words i went to the extream and wrote 398 words muahhahahha catelina gonna have a hard time marking the pappers muahhahahah!!

Ill be off to penang on friday for spirit of penang . hahah opps guess what my sembahyang hajat and my Islam papper is on that day muahahahha ponteng oni la . Ill be the camera man in penang muahahahha hopefully i can get some good footage la if not kena marah by boss *u know who la * . I feel damn bad for jolyn la . she really wants me to go for her party in penang during the race somemore . Everything seems to be clashing in to the same day and the same time haiz WHY WHY WHY!!

Anyways i told her i wont be free haiz . poor jolyn ...-_- anyways ill bring home some photos of penang la !!

12:06 AM

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Sunday, August 13, 2006

i kinda miss my dad

since young , my mum has always told me to be a better man then my dad . But the problem is that ive never had a role model to look up to . it was never easy for me to grow up in a seperated family at first because i never understand'ed then what was happening . i always thought to myself that i had a perfect family. the reason for this was because my dad and mum would always seem very close to ech other but i dint realize back then it was going to happen like this . and so it did .

The day my mum and dad got seperated was when i was 2 ?? i think i couldnt quite remember anyways so even tough the where saperated my father still came to my house till i was 11 . but always when he came my parents would fight while i was having breakfast . My maid had to take me away from the scene evetime it happend . but still i was young and dint know why?? or what?? was going on .

Back then my dad was a some high ranked personal in the police force . so he often came to the house in the morning just before i left for school . Most of the time i could still remember sitting by the table drinking his dark coffee and smoking his ciggs while reading the news paper and the smeel of his after shave swooved in the air.

When i was 8 my brother came along . but the weird thing is that my father barely came to visit him . It would normally be my uncle and my aunt who came but it would never be my father . to myself i always tought that probably he would be busy with work and couldnt arrange his time to come . but its ur son ur talking about not anything else but ur own flesh and blood .

from that day on it was a strange thing that puzzled me so much so that i began to feel sad.One day i came home from school and my mum was seriously ill and was in bed for a week or two. but this time my dad came quite often . So 1 day i wanted to have lunch with my mum . my dad had just bough chicken rice from a shop behind my house . and when i wanted to eat munch with my mum , my dad closed the room door . i knocked on the door and my dad opened the door and went down stairs . i went in with my plate of food and sat down with my mum , and ate my unch . after having lunch i went down to see my dad . he looked sad i could see from his face . i asked him if he was allright and he shouted at me . i ran to my room as fast i could and just laid in bed with tears .but back then i was still a young boy . probably round 8??

the last time i saw my dad was when h bought me my new comp monitor . and from then on i never saw him again until a few months back . he told me he was going to Terengganu for good but i saw him a few weeks later in Carefour with my stepmom shopping . could have laid to me ?? i felt sad and hurt .

no matter how much pain and sorrow he has done to me and my mum and even Ilyas he still is our father and we carry his name . no matter how many bad things ive said bout him i constantly remind myslef tht he is still my dad and nothing can change that . but seriously speaking i really do miss him quite abit.

4:19 PM

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Thursday, August 10, 2006


OMG man in a couple of months PMR is just like in 1 and a half months !! i cant stand it anymore !! the adreneline is so intense i cant hold it much longger !! no la just kidding but seriously the adreneline part is damn true its so powerfull that it comes to a point that when i wake up i realise that the clock is ticking and the days are flying in hyperdrive . YOU HAVE NO IDEA MAN!!! i dont think ill even have time to breath .

Tomorow theres a hockey game and my team is playing but due to certain cercamstances like PMR!! i cant offord to play coz of PMR !! danggit . so back to the situation . Sean will hopefully bring the team to a nice score till i come in and trash ass with my fellow COMMANDOS!! yes its the Elite team of Meisei,Ian,Jirwan,Sean,Kim Won and Randy we shall smite the puck into the goal and soon they will know our names as the lord of hockey muahahahahhahaha *imagining * ok-ay whateever.....

so Spirit of penang is comming up next week ill be there to be a runner boy and oo guess what the dam thing is clashing with my trails!! haiz what to do *daoink doink doink*

Next post:Dooms day...~scary~

10:51 PM

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Sunday, August 06, 2006


The Farm The Farm YES MY DARLINGS !!!! i went to The Farm again but this time it was more of a family thing . its was a nice vacation ,away from the busy highways and low ways and no wys so yea really needed to just chill for a while . the BBQ at night as the best !! CRABS AND PRAWNS MAN!!!! shit way if u dont call that luxury dinner then i donno what u call it la !! haha

Last friday was my schools consert day . I was the backstage crew so got to know what goes on backstage muahahah!! anyways the concert went smoothly *UNTIL*the Grand Finale . See what happend was above the stage , there were drawing hanging which was attach to wire . So unfortunately i was in charge of a bird and a spider i think . and then we were suppose to rock it while they were performing. so during the Finale i was rocking the bird *UNTIL* the wire snap and it fell on someones head but luckily the drawings where done on ply wood so it wassnt that hard and heavy . After the concert , my mum came to pick me up and it so happends all the gates leading into the Outitorium were locked 0_0 " shit wei ! . so I had to go in Mr lopez car then make a friking big rond to get to the entrance ! tiu wei . the we went for dinner at this nice little cozy restaurent in plaza Shah Alam called little Italian Kitchen *im sure su-ann would love to go there its her kind of place la right or not !?? haha wait after Las Carretas * so i had steak and mumhad soup and salad . not bd la the food i would say bad but i was ok . just before we left there was this really REALLY tall guy who came probably round 6'8 or 7ft but all i know is his taller then the door and the wife is like 5 or 5'2 i mean wow!! hahaha

CANT wait for majors to finish!!

9:41 PM

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

dumbo the clown

you know what i finally realised that im damn scared for my PMR . Coz its like something really big to me and no matter how much im complaining about it i really cant run away from it coz its
just "There". kelian right ?? i know!! muahahahahaha

Its like a clock ticking in my brain telling me that "PMR near man the fuck u still doing shit like this!!" shit man its like i want to study so much that i force myself but i cant coz its like i know that i have to do something but i forget what i wanted to do . -____-" . haiz what to do you tell me ??

oooo yea btw Sheen finnaly has her own blog PRAISE THE LORD !!!!! i mean she used to share apart a blog with her friends and now finally she has a spot to place her stuff in . chunted la

AIYO!!!! shit man i so wanted to go to the PCD concert last week crap man !! shit man im sure all my friends who went must have took pics of their *you know where*when they were standing underneath the stage *bloody bustards*muahahahah no la jk oni i donno la but shit wei i really wanted to go. RAM!!! U WENT WITHOUT ME !!! HOW DARE U !!! muahahahaha jk oni ala if i wanted to go also i bo lui la. kanasai .

I think i wanna get a new phone la at the end of the year the Sony Ericson walkman phone W550i only RM700 wei damn kau chun !

*yes my darlings this is the phone i so really wanting to buy*
I think this will be the end of my post for to day so GOOD NITE!!!

10:41 PM

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D@nC!ng M0nK@y
Lets get the show on , yes rockstar ?

ME :)

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doing that thing i do :P

this is me. not your average joe. chef in training , photographer and ice hockey player

imma whoop your ass kiddo ;)


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