Tuesday, October 31, 2006

went half way round the world and back

WOOOHOOOO 10 superd days out of the country feels pretty darn good man . ive just got back from Bangkok 2 dys ago for the international invitational ice hockey tournament that was held there but before that i was in Hong Kong for a couple of days.

anyways i was in Hong kong last week and well when i was there it kinda felt like Singapore for some reason i think its mot probably cause of the weather and the trafic and all,but what really made a diference was the atmosphere and the way the people there are . they are just really friendly to you,ever shop you walk into without a doubt they will always great you and make sure u get the service you want just so friendly .

but the total highlight of the trip was Disney Land .the first step into the gates of Disny land was allrdy like a magical dream come true for me haha ( kinda sounds lame tough) but yea the reason why i see disey land as a place where dreams come true is because verything in the place has its own little magical way, and even tough how old you are when you go there you jus fell like a child again.

the funniest thing happend to me in Hong Kong .me and jia yug were walking down Tsim Sha Tsui looking at some shops and all UNTIL.... we saw a great big mosque right infront of our faces and we were like WTF MAN!!!! 0_o" i mean a mosque here in Hog Kong ?? hahah

true my experience in hong kong i would prabably wanna advice you that when you go there just bring more then enough cash coz there the food would be quite pricy and haha for once the clothes and gadgets and everything else are drop dead cheap hahah so litarally means u can shop till u drop and the best thing is that th shops are open till midnight ISNT THAT JUST GREAT!!!!! oo yea one more thing the whole country is like a big dim sum restaurent every where you turn there will be every thing from chow tau fu to turtle black jelly *i felt so guilty when i ate it dammit -_-"*

the very next day i was on my way to Thailand for the international invitational ice hockey event . Thailand is jus D place to go for holiday i tell you.what makes it different from any other country that ive been to s that the cost of living and the prices o things there are drop dead cheap man espiecially if you go to Chatuchak market you can bargain down pricies as low as you want ITS THE BEST!!!!!!!!! oo yea and one more attracttion in Thailand is that they have Patpong muahahahahah if you know Thailand you know what im talking about la haha .

well the year is ending soon and im gona start working a.s.a.p haih well its been one heck of a holiday for me can look forward to saving more money to go on another one next year haha like jia yung said *study hard and fly MAS* hehehe

p/s: pics and some videos may be loaded up on my multiply page

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

hye hye hye hye haiz haiz

well its been 2 weeks allrdy and im still sitting at home doing quite about nothing really hahaha.so anyways i just wached click *yes i noe im kinda slow* but yea it was funny haha kinda funny .

you know what it think Click actually plays a really big impact on my life . all the while i was always thinking to myself that after i grad and all and start a family bla bla bla . will i be the kinda dad that the only darn thing i do is work work work work or will i be the kinda dad that promises my family something but never really gets to it . the reason for this thoughts is because well like i said before i never really had a dad that i can look up to . u noe a role model . but after watching Click it found out that ill probably be the kinda dad who works my ass off but also plays my ass of with my family hahah im pretty much sure it'll turn out something like that .

im not a pedophile AND HECK IM NEVER GONNA BE ONE DAMMIT but .... dont you think that young girl from click is just so darn cute .
*Tatum McCann*

*hopefully my daughter will look like that next time hehe if i have 1 la*

by the way i think i know what to do with the relationship between me and shini i think i just know what to do .

12:32 AM

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Sunday, October 15, 2006

what have i gotten myslef into.......

I really dont know what to do seriosuly speaking im clueless. this relationship between me and shini is just not working its just really not working.i think i ought to tell you the reasons ..

1.ths distance between me and he is just really uncomfortable because the distance is a huge HUGE gap between me and her.

2.communication wise is also another problem coz the probs now is that we try sending emails to each other but it was just a really really dumb idea coz knowing her time she is really really busy most of the time . if its not softball she has class and well the point is she is just really really busy.

3.the fear that i have in me is that assuming that she is cheating me with another guy that is the worst fear i have in me now.everytime i think about her as much as i dont want ,as much as i pretand that this fear is just and illusion it just get worst because heck if she was cheating on me i wouldnt know even tough if i did wat can i do ?? .

Well this is enough prof to show how inseccure i am . i just dont understand relationships yet i think i will someday but when ?? will that time be to late for me to understand . i think this is why i never had a long term relationship.

P/S : Shini if your reading this entry i am truly truly sorry for what i have done to make you sad i just want so hard to be the one person to help you during this kinda times in your life i just want to help so so so much that i try so hard to forget the these problems have been the ones that are making it hard for me to help you . im just truly sorry im just really truly sorry.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The reign is over i hope ...:P

WOW !! what a week with the haze and all.But the highlight of this whole nonsensicle woopa-looo is that PMR is over yea baby!! OVER!!! no more tension no more KH no more aiza !! hell yea i love the sound of that.

Last friday the game was tottaly awesome man WE WON 5-2 hell yea we are like(------)this close to the finals man i really just cant wait for the next game and hopefully i would be able to score a few pucks in the net. ooo yea i can just imagine the score being 6-0 hahah that would be a pretty cool sight.

IM GOING TO HONG KONG NEXT WEEK!!! yea !! yea!! yea !! i just cant wait i mean its like ive been bloody heck waiting for this trip since like the biggining of the year and its been on my mind for go knows how long allready and the best thing is that right after i come back from hong kong im straight going to bangkok for hockey hahaha how great is that wat a holiday man !! promise ill bring back photos muahah!!

ooo yea there is a few backfires this week well not big ones but just minor ones. 1stly the darn haze is back and it darn hard to breath really hard actually . 2ndly the stupid tech guy who is suppose to fix my router and all doesnt noe wat his doing so yea but im still serviving so it doesnt really bother that much .

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