Tuesday, May 27, 2008

routine screwes

what the heck was i doing up at 5Am on a Tuesday during the mid semester break..its a freaking scary feeling that send chills down my back to even think about waking up that early in the morning during a holiday.but it could be that there was a fking power shortage in the neighborhood that no doubt every single time would make me wake up due to awkward silence in my room. But anyways after i woke up i just could not go back to sleep as hard as i tried . i lay in bed till 6 and suddenly felt hungry for roti canai in a mamak shop. ever have this feeling where u think there's actually someone out there somewhere whose doing the things that u do simultaneously,its like sharing the same brain and connected by a super blue tooth device that can broadcast signals nice times around the world. yea i felt that. so im in the mamak eating my breakfast and suddenly like a freaking rock it hit me in the head to go back home and do accounts....yes accounts . of all things such as going back to sleep. i hd to do accounts . fking weirdo on the other side must be doing his or her accounts as well. i fking well hope its not my biatchy accounts teacher thats for sure. but anyways yes i am at home doing accounts while writing this entry. short one. not really elaborate. kinda like a stale cup of coffee. but who cares haha its 8am on a tuesday during my mid semester break =D .

p/s:person on the other side if your reading this pls pls pls i beg you dont wake up so early next time ok !

7:55 AM

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Hockey Skates for sale

OK now , i am really selling it off this time . ANYWAYS !!!

i have a awesome pair of CCM vector 3 size 8.5 e ice hockey skates which is 2nd hand and its in awesome condition *except for the inner sole which needs to be changed* anyways this pair of skates has been with me thru 2 tournaments and 4 leagues and many many more . its my fav pair of skates but unfortunately my feet got uber big and i cant fit into them anymore so these poor things need a feet to fit in *hahaha get it, feet to fit ??! get it get it ?? nvm -_-* hahah but yea they are going on sale so if you are intrested leave a comment ,contact me at 0172091529 or email me at dancingmonkey11@gmail.com . these skates are going off for around RM400-RM450 ,if you DO want to buy it , its a money first*one shot! No installments and what knot* then give skates kinda thing. so yea just to inform you first hehe =) . ok then cheerios =D .

10:32 PM

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Monday, May 05, 2008

technology and hockey and me

technology oh tech-no-logy what would we do without you...come to think of it not much really =/ . But why oh why the heck do u keep breaking down ?? it makes me weep and cry every time u break down and it burns my pockets bare*fuck*. i just paid another unwanted RM70 to reformat.
But what the hell la it is what it is kan ??

SO.....phhhffttt yea May May May ....long holidays coming haha and yea, havnt planed out the holiday schedule yet might just probably be exciting who knows haha =) . Tiff and Adriene's birthday coming up soon wee~ ma lil minions turning 14 awwwww. hahah havn't thought of what to get them hmmmm . I think i wanna make a check list before im 25 yea thats a good idea yea i think ill make a check list on the things to do before im 25 . but ill do that later on. Mothers day just passed and i got my mum a bottle of shower oil "ouuu" from L'cotane or somethign like that . i dont really know how the shower oil works out eh ? i mean the whole reason we take showers is to get the oil off our body and here we are having people selling shower oil and im like "wah?" its just not right i mean you take long showers doing hack knows what to get the oil off your body and then you start using shower oil. its not a very bright idea ehy ?? haha . but it did smell very very good toh , it was Almonds and some stuff .

IN 6 MONTHS TIME !!! i will be sitting for SPM -_- yea big deal kan ?? i mean i dont get it why some people are like *oh shit SPM !! study,study,study! what tonight dinner ?? no can go out sry gotta study for a paper im sitting for in 6 MONTHS TIME !* its not like you going to remember everything and put it to place on that day . I personally feel excited about SPM AND YES NOT TO SAYING I DONT STUDY ! i do a fare share haha . but yea i am darn excited about it i mean it will be the last and only goverment exam I will ever have to take IN MY WHOLE LIFE . should be something to look forword to ehy ??

so far i havnt got a clue on what to blog about....sad la. i mean the only time i feel like blogging , im blank. but anyways im gonna make that list =D

1.get my uber diploma in culinary arts ! *cant wait man to enter coll i mean its like a dream land of BABES !! and so on so forth

2.buy a pickup truck =D that uses biodiesel *dont ask why just keep on reading*

3.buy a dirt bike *dont ask just read *

4.go to canada

5.open a restaurant or something

6.fuck im out of ideas

7.buy a drum set ?

so yea i dont think its my blogging day today this post seems rather or pretty or is damn dull..sigh screw it la ill be back !

6:37 PM

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D@nC!ng M0nK@y
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ME :)

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doing that thing i do :P

this is me. not your average joe. chef in training , photographer and ice hockey player

imma whoop your ass kiddo ;)


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