Thursday, February 23, 2006

when things go wrong

Again things go wrong again for me i dont know y but they just do for some reason.well lest just take a look on what happend lets see....well i think just a few weeks ago ok i think 1 week ago my comp went *BOOM* yea i know it hell of a bad thing for me but i donno y know days people just cant live without their comps haiz its really sad i tell you anyways back to the point know ive gotta get a brand new CPU which is gonna coz a hell of a bomb for sure but i think ill just hav to rough it out for a while so this week me stupid english teacher really just pissed me off i sometimes just feel like kicking her fucking ass coz i donno la she just pisses me off anwyas i think taht s all i can say bout this week but i think ill make another entry when i pissed off again hahahaha !

1:10 PM

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

my single robotik days

Seriously speaking,these days all of us are like robots man hahah i mean in our everyday life we are always in need for batteries,software and atc atc but yea who gives a damn now days.Anyways speaking of days today is valentines day so yea once again im left alone and single hahah (i sound like im expecting something to happen mcm siot)anyways yea prices of flowers go up every single bloody time during this day i haha.So yea im still waiting haiyo damn long wei hahha!but anyways ive been goin to this damn website which i hav no idea weather to believe it or not its trust me its really dumb..anyways i think thats it for now till next time cheers !!

11:22 PM

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Monday, February 06, 2006


Malam ini ku takkan datang
Mencoba 'tuk berpaling sayang
Dari cintamu
Malam ini ku takkan pulang
Tak usah kau mencari aku,demi cintamu

Hadapilah ini
Kisah kita takkan abadi


S'lamat tidur kekasih gelap ku[ooo.....Sephia]
S'moga cepat kau lupakan aku
Kekasih sejatimu takkan pernah sanggup untuk melupakanmu

S'lamat tidur kasih tak terungkap [ooo.....Sephia]
S'moga kau lupakan aku cepat
Kekasih sejatimu takkan pernah sanggup untuk meninggalkanmu

Jangan pernah panggil namaku
Bila kita bertemu lagi
Dilain hari
Hadapilah ini
Kisah kita takkan abadi

8:48 PM

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Sunday, February 05, 2006

CNY happenings and going ons

This cny i think i would say would be the most boring cny i hav ever had i donno i think its just coz not much has been going on.But anyways heres what i did all i can say is the best part of this yrs cny was the stay at the Putrajaya Marriot it was nice la.Anyways i saw Esta there so i guess it was ok la but the main thing that actually satisfied or more then that was the food it was so good.I tell u the dinner at the Italian restoren is extremly good and the good thing is that the portions are extreamly big so if u order alot the whole family can share its like the concept in Italianis at OU anyways but i have to say the food cost a bomb i mean a glass of kiwi juice cost RM12 hohohoho to expensive but we had loads of fun la thats the main thing so yea i guess this CNY turned up quite ok but not much to do only so yea i guess thats it till next entry.


6:09 PM

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

i donno whats goin on now days

Now days i just have no single clue whats goin on....firstly i know im in the wrong but seriously i told my mum I was sorry and now she is really mad at me haiz i think im the coz for all this things maybe i should just let things be and be a ghost in the world for a while i think blogging is the only thing i should do i mean at least i can express my feelings in here and its like a part of a family for me yea i think i should just blog haha anyways i should go cheers !!

11:11 PM

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