Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Asian Winter Games 2k7 !!!

2 weeks of ultimate winter sports in blistering cold weather is the far most the best thing i have ever been thru . alltough i only went for 10 days , it will still be the most memorable experince . the best part was IT WAS FREAKING SNOWING MAN!!! its not like every day i get to go out and see snow coming down like rain dont u ?? hahah i tell u it was damn cool .

besides all the snow and all , back to the sports part . the first game was against HKG and we owned them crazy man we won 7-3 MUAHAHAHAHAHHA *yay we are now 8th in AWG * anyways the next two games wasnt a "we owned them crazy " scenario it was more like "they owned us " scenario . The game was between South Korea 1st then after that North Korea . the funny part is when we played against South Korea even toh how hard we checked them to the boards and how many times we gave them shit they said we were gentle ?? 0_0" hmmmm i guess the've been thru shit worst then us before oo well -_- they are a bunch of very nice people.they were so nice they even let us score 1 goal seriously man THEY DID. Playing with North Korea was intresting yet they arnt so "mercyfull" towrods us unlike the South Korean . but then again we cant expect to win for we are new comers .

despite all the sports and snow and wat knot . Did i mantion about the place where the games were held ?? its in in Chang Chun which is the northen part of China and the weather ther can drop to as low as -40 c so yea can u imagine i cant even stand for -20 and u want me to go for -40 hahaha . oo yea there was one day i went out in a -20 weather without my gloves on can you imagine how numb my fingers were ?? i was so namb even if you were to stab my hand i would not feel it ...maybe a little but still i was so darn cold .

the food there is HORRIBLE!! its all oily and tasteless i got so sick of it that for the past 10 days i was only eating salad loads of salad . ummm healthy :> hahah*uwek* oo well at least its not to bad . anyways i had a really fun time there and ill be posting some pic in my album:
enjoy !!

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Life is short ....

why does life for some people have to be so short ?? its really not fair at all !! im pissed and im angry the fact that my dear best friend Ahmad Fikri Razin passed away . ITS NOT FUCKING FAIR AT ALL !!!! why does the world have to be so mean why must teenagers and children have to die so young !! ?? why is there sicknesses and dieseasess that kill ??!! what the fuck is going on man im seriously fucking pissed !!! i cant take this anymore why cant the top so proclaimed "leaders" of the world use thier fucking brains to find a cure are and imunization to prevent fuck shit like this from happening !! instead of fighting and having war that the only point is to kill everybody and rule the world !!

Ahmad Fikri Razin was a boy who i admired and will admire the most . he was dearly loved and honoured by the whole school and frends who were behind him all the while . no matter how sick he was or how bad the condition got he always had a smile on his face .... to Ahmad Fikri Razin you will be missed by many people from your friends to your classmates to your family...

Everytime i look into the clouds,i have a felt that a part of me is missing and i now that part of me will never come back neither will it resolve.But then again i have to move on in life and its allrdy become a fact that his gone . Like Izzati told me " wouldnt you want him to go to heaven and be happy or see him suffer down here on earth ??" well yes for one thing i should be happy . but i told her that the felt of feeling guilty and helpless looking at him lying on his death bed will always remain in me . but hopefully that feeling will subside in days to come . to me this will become a lesson . a lesson that i will never forget...

Ahmad fikri razin 31/1/1991-18/1/2007

2:06 AM

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