Friday, February 20, 2009

pieces of crush candy

its ok to be onguard once in a while just know that your secure and ready to pounce at any moment but sometimes be onguard can mean that people tend to think that even a wrong word in a sectance will effect you in ways . ......
this is all a load of crap by the way i just felt like typing it from my brain ;P hahah   

anyways life so far has been rather amazing i mean i really cant wait to start college in April at Taylors everything that i read in the programe book for the whole 2 years of my course sounds like a darn good deal to me . its very rarely that i get excited about going to school but this time i am haha =D .

on the other hand , im a nervous rack knowing the fact that ill be getting my SPM results next month.when i think about it , a sudden rush of questions suddenly just pour into my mind , thinking "will i make it " or " what would happen if i dont ? ".

anyways, life still has to go whatever happens , kan ? im thinking of getting another piercing....=D haha maybe a lip piercing ? what do u think ? thought of it sounds cool enough for me . and next haircut gonna want them to get me a Mohawk , not literally a punk mohawk but just enough to be counted as a mohawk hahah . 

2:23 PM

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dilema stage

i find myself constantly having to drop into a certain stage of the day where i think that maybe making the right move wasnt a smart one but i like it and im comfortable with it . is this how its going to be for awhile or will i ever get pass it ? in confuse by what is right and wrong , what is there and whats not , whats yes or no . 

the new job has been a blast . but lately i have felt if i did actually find a job to buy my wants and fancies or was it for a living . but the main reason why i wanted to find a job while waiting for my results was so that i could have a source of income to fund my wants so that i dont have depend on my mum so much and also to gain a lil before i go into my culinary course. 

at first i was excited about going to collage and continuing working for at least 3-4 days a week if its possible. until my mum told me "how sure are your going to collage and how sure are you your still going to be working at Gloria Jeans ?" i did not have a clue that would be coming from her . the person who was excited as i was about going to culinary school and coming from her actually realise that i was slightly relaying on false hope ? i mean my mum and I had it all planed out nicely and suddenly she hits me with this question ? u mean all this time i was amusing myself by being excited about going to collage something that ive been wanting to do since i was 15? i dint think it was a funny situation at that point .... 

and to be frank , the reason why i want and had decided that i would like to continue working was because i would like to relive my mums burdon of giving me money often so i could have a little money to hang out and stuff and i donno why she asked if i was sure if i was going to continue working there . i thought all this while it was a good move to continue working while studying . i mean i would have to adjust my studies and hockey but yea ill be able to do it , but coming from her , the person i would least expect coming from, the person who all this while would be proud and happy for me , saying something like this ? 

those few words hit me like a rock thrown into my face . im really thinking hard and wondering why and what . i dont need this now ... i really dont ...

BUT i still love my mum =) she da best ok !!!! 

12:49 AM

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Monday, February 02, 2009

Tony Romas shithead =)

ok... maybe the tittle went abit overboard but yea right now at this very moment and 8:59 PM , thats how i feel about working for them. ANYWAYS moving on with life... remember i told u i was going to work for starbucks ? i found a seventh heaven already and its not Starbucks Coffee . im currently a proud employee of Glory Jeans Coffee *double thumbs up ~weyyyyy~* . I think its the most awesome place i work in thus far .

Anyways im re-editing my wishlist. NOW that ive got my phone * the one from the wish list * ive only got 2 more to go theres still the kick ass flash gun and the kick ass stick hich i might consider buying a cheaper model due to my financial crisis at the moment hehe . so yea..... i just bought Jason Mraz tickets which i cannot wait to see him live . gonna be damn fun man ! =)  but yea debt wise i still owe my ah ma RM500 which i WILL pay off soon . 

i guess thats about it for today . cant wait to smell like coffee again =D hehehe ooo do drop by Gloria Jeans Sunway Pyramid yea ?* its next to Barcelona, down the slope towords sunway lagoon*,  Cheerios !  =) 

8:59 PM

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