Saturday, December 30, 2006

Xmas with a wicked twist !!

Oh me Oh my , christmas this year was a blast !!! well dint actually have a big huge feast but it pretty darn good !!

well on the 2nd day of xmas which was boxing day , had a fewa good frends round for xmas dinner hehe damn alot of food sial coz we dint expect the food to be so darn filling and good heheh * HAD 2 LAMD LEGS SIAL !! * anyways there was damn alot of food la until today still alot left in my fridge . oooo well -_-' . anyways if any1 is intrested to eat my leftovers ur extreamely welcomed too .

I just only got back frm Ipoh yesturday from food frenzy hahah shiat gain damn alot of weight this xmas sad .... nvm its gym time !!! *fly's to the gym * . in the 1 day journey i thik i ate almost 5 times until want to vomit sial .

PMR results are out !! yea !!! i only did ok only la not fantastic but boleh la . i got like ummm 1A 2B 3C 0_0 1D 0_0 " *WTF* wait for wat subject ?? Agama hahahaha pass wat !! anwyas there still SPM so not that bad YET !! tiu !


*stupid earthquake disrupt the cables in Taiwan so internet down so kanasai!! *


12:45 PM

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Rapid KL.......SCREW YOU!!!

let just brief you on the do's and dont's when taking public transport .

1. due to my experience of sleeping in the KTM train and waking up to shock of reaching some ghost town in Shah Alam when instead i should be going down at subang jaya KTM station . so leasson learnd:DONT SLEEP ON THE FREAKING TRAIN!!!

2.when i was on the train knowing me i would fall asleep with my Mp4 on and play trance music full blast while i peacefully fall into a deep slumber ...tiu -_-"

3.OOO yea one more thing never and i mean NEVER take a bus back frm Sri Hartamas NEVER!!!!! the reason being is because due to the over crowded capacity of rich peeps in Sri Hartamas. Rapid KL must have came up with a conclusion that "we think Sri Hartamas does not need our assitance of public transportation there" but what they fail to understand is that lil people like ME yes lil-ol-me *ok not that little la * do not have big fancy cars or big Aprila Super bikes *toh it would the damn cool if i had 1 la * to zoom around with my need and fancy .

4. i think Malaysians these days are becoming more unconcerend to other people . that day i was and KL Central when i was minding my own bussiness going into the bus . as usual there would be a whole colony of working people sqeezing there way into the bus and FUCK !! there was and old lady in the crowd and she fell down and nobody fucking cared . WTF is wrong with u people .what,now theres a new way of getting into the bus and the technic is called "push the old folks down and laugh ur balls off" ?? .WTF MAN ,SERIOUSLY !!

Shit one more thing im damn pissed of with ....DAMMIT I WANT TO GO TO VELOCITY-KL MUSIC FEST 06 shiat-_-" . the really want to go but the only thing thats holding me down is my age . TIU MAN!!
*dammit i so want to be 18 -_-" being abit older has its benefits "

9:05 AM

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Monday, December 11, 2006

kenyang siot !!

Aiyo damn kenyang siot . i did like 30 sit ups today and then go buffet din with Jason,Angie,Sonia,and Wan yu wasted man siot !!! shiat anyways tomoro im walking to work so can work out abit hahahah !! the whole time we were talking bout porn and other stupid stuff la hahaha damn funny i mean we were like the loudest ppl in the whole hotel haha Atrium cafe at Pyramid Tomers . haha fun la .

SHIT MAN I SO WANT TO GO ROCK TE WORLD 7shit hist shit *shots self in the head* i mean its firstly going to be for sure damn gempak summore dammit Brokenscar performing apa la i cant go,damn frustrated .

i mean i personaly want to go and watch Broken Scar,One Buck Short ,Throne Away and Love Me Butch coz i think they freaking rock the world man :P hell yea !!! shiat nvm nvm my dear dicipels of rock the is always Rock The World 8 .muahahha . if la ....0_o "

so to those of u lucky peeps get to go make sure to take lots of pics for me to see nad let me sob in jealousy haha
cheerio !!

11:14 PM

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2 down and 2 to go yes my dear child,im done with 2 events and there still 2 left WTF when will this ever end man -_-" . screw it la anyways . the last event which went on on last Sat and yesturday was damn xian man . the 1st round of the event was like shiat i mean there was practicaly nobody there . ooo yea btw it was a modeling competition at Cheras to find the model for the shopping plaza.

On sat i was at Souled Out for Debs b'day party . it was damn happening wei . but unfortunately the bday girl was out before midnight :( owh well cant balame it coz it was that kind of party where alcohol was like written all over the place and damn she drank damn alot wei i mean like she had vodka like water then a flaming lambogini and champaign alot allrdy wei . anyways i personaly had alot of fun hehe .

yesturday at the event there was this contestant i tellu -_-" some ppl siow one u noe . it was like freaking burning hot and this guy slumber oni come in to join wearing a sweater and im like WTF IS WRONG WITH U MAN!! fucking siow wei . and then there was this malay girl who was also another kanasai 1 she went and wear a brown thick office jacket i think she was trying to flirt with one of the judges coz when she was catwalikng she kept blnking her eye and im like wtf if wrong with her spastic ka ?? 0_o hahaha .

i think Queenspark *the place where the event was * is the only place where Baskin Robins there have there "jr " scoop ice cream the size of a tennis ball hahah . think of wat we could do with a reg scoop *imagines playing soccer with the ice cream* ooo-kay that was odd really odd man . and the best part is that its only RM8.90 for 2 scoops ok wat .

eh anyone know how to advetise this good-ol-blog of mine im damn desprate for publicity man .

2:27 PM

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Monday, December 04, 2006

its been a long time ...huh??

Wow its really been a really longtime since i updated this good-ol blog of mine . Anyways alot of happenings have been going on these few days . ALOT . but i like it :)

First of all i just would like to announce that ..... I FOUND A JOB!!!!YAY ME !! well the job is not the best of the best but shit it will do . the pay is around RM 600 per month so its not bad la but they allrdy paid me half and i spent it on hockey stuff again AGAIN!!! muahahahhaahha yay yay shipments coming in soon . But the taxes should not be so high cos i ordered the stuff togather with zi yin and also togather with the whole Wildcats team so sharing is caring does apply hehe :).

I HAVE EVENTS !!!! i freaking have events oo yea and btw my company is an ads company so pretty much i get events now and then . i got Kelly,Jy and Jason to work on the events day but i feel damn bad for them la the pay is damn low RM50 per day is just really really low . BUT *see theres a but * i will try my best to fight for a higher pay for them * u guys owe me big time is the pay raises * .

Also the best thing is about to come .... MY TEAM MADE IT TO THE PLAYOFFS!!!!woohoooo!!! we have a 50-50 % chance of going to the finals !!! we really have to play damn hard possibly like kim won....*everyone stares in shock* can wat !!! try la !!! hehehe but first gotta lose some weight 1st .wait lets strike of the "some and insert 15 kg . yes i noe its gonna be hard but im up for it !! *starts running a few steps then stops and faints* its gonna take a while toh .

HAH!!!!! i have alot more la but ill update u soon!! and maybe ill even put some pics of my new hockey stuff :) now wouldnt u like to see wat i spent RM300 dollars on woudnt you ?? hehe *wait it could be more toh * hehehehe

11:57 AM

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