Saturday, July 29, 2006

boho babes

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! happy happy happy anyways so i think i havnt been here for a rather long time allrdy huh??so well much has been going on much. much much much

To start of with is last weekend . I went to faccilitate this Brats Alternative camp with Xan,Jade,ah ling and the whole gang la oo yea not forgetting D'romp .The camp was a 1night 2day camp so there wasnt really much to interact with but all and all it was cool . TRUST me this camp was like the biggest camp ive ever been to!! it had 70 ppl!!! damn !! it was help at the farm in Negeri Sembilan . hehe funny thing is i think i feel a lil crush on a girl there 0_0" did i mantion that out loud ?? oh well wtf la who cares so anyways at the end of the day everything went smoothly and oo yea e had to go drag net fishing so i went too,ended up fish went up my pants yo!!! damn cool wei hahah .

I went to pyramid on friday two days ago, so i met ram,allen and attiya there for dinner .we went to Long John Silvers for dinner so bla bla bla i orderd my food . there was this really good looking dish it was like a 9pc prawn with crab sauce and rice and two sides thingy so it looked kinda appetizing so i orderd it togather with ice lemon tea the damn bill came up to RM21 man!! shit wei i taught fast food was cheap. So the food came and i looked at the manu again , THE DAMN PRAWN THING COST RM18 HOLY SHIT!!!!and when it came,it looked ,taste,smelt,felt like nasi lemak sambal udang!! FUCKING RIP OFF MAN!!!for RM18 i can get god noes haw many packet of the same thing outside which probly has BIGGER PRAWNS and taste 10 TIMES BETTER . Haiz i tell u yesturday was just no my day la haha. So after hockey we went for makan at a mamak outside pyramid . Damn chun wei on the way out ram was like drifting in the parking lot it was seriously damn fun . Then when we reached the mamak , poor Attiya had to take i think 3 mins to park allens car so sad . haha but seriosly when she was sitting in the drivers seat she looked like she was driving a big car like a Mini Cooper haha cute la .We sat down at the table and then started to order our food bla bla bla then i saw this on the manu they had pasta,pizza,chicken chops everything and im like "wow" damn boi this mamak rocks wei!! so i order pasta and meat balls,trust me it was damn nice the meatballs were slightly burnt but they were damn good .

Today i went to Doulos in West port for there book fair . Damn crowded wei !! tons off ppl at the book fair . Doulos is pbasicly the 2nd oldest ship in the world . And its run by this non foundable organization. So it sail round the world doing charity work,while they're in a country they have a book fair on . But the best part is that all the crew members there are all volunters and they dont get paid . chun ryte ?? so i think wanna plan on working on board the ship after SPM hehe for a couple of months la . haiz chun la .
cheers !!

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006


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Sunday, July 16, 2006

they are all leaving y??!!

OMG MAN!!! they are all leaving !! WHY LA !!! Sher lyn is leaving in sept to UK and Angel is leaving to Ausy next week FOR GOOD!! kith is also leaving to Ausy for good . haiz damn sad but happy at the same time coz its there dream to go there and im sota happy for them at the same time so not that bad la .
Ok lets face it sooner or later ill have to leave too huh?? but for me now its sad to see them leave coz its like ive spent so much time with them and like they are sort of a family so its like saying good bye to a family member who is going away for good . I have that kind of feeling . But yea haha u know wat i think the next time they see me, they will be married with two kids and a dog .

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

hanging by a moment

Today i tell you is the most emo day ever man!!! dangit . It all started when i was in school today . I suddenly had this sudden emotional mood swing god knows why la but it just happend . I was like all down and dint feel like talking to anyone. And then when recess came I had like this kinda sugur-shock kinda feeling i was all bouncing up and down . damn weird la

Projects have been kelling me man . Naidu whants our projects to be "attractive" while on the other hand param whants it to be more content savy . FUCKING SHIT MAN !!! i wonder why do we even have to do stupid projects its tottaly impracticle. I mean its not like the projects are going to beneffit us in the future. SO even if it is going to help us how is it going to help us ??? so i go up to my CEO with my resume and had my PMR project and say "dont u think those small flowers on the front cover look pretty ?? " WTF man . can u even imagine the situation. For a fact allrdy their telling us that our A's cant get us anywhere .

You what i really cant stand?? i just cant stand that mother fucking aiza . He fucking things his so grand just because his the head of the disaplinary board that his so bloddy grand . WELL FUCK OFF AND SUCK UR ASS !!! i mean taht day i was just asking Aamos the time and suddenly aiza calles him out , getz mad at him and then starts trowing bottles at him WTF MAN!!! your just a farking kh teacher . TIU!!

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Saturday, July 08, 2006


WASSUPP!! haha so im back yo......-_-" WTF anyways whats been going on for the past 1 week well not much la just got LOADSSSSSSSSS of stupid PMR projects to be done. So far ive only managed to do my geografi and i havnt even touched my history dammit aiyoo!!

I went to school the other day and you know what i found out that burning magneesium and sulpher = smeely super cool explosive haha yea man . It was the 1st two periods in the morning science so we were all doing this experiment and knowing me i would have taken the most dangerous tewst tube so i did .It was some kind of mixture of sulpher and magnessium hahaha !!! boy it was farny la !! . the whole class went outside coz it had sulpher that smelt 10 times worst then fart . I was the last one to do my experiment . when my turn came i was like
"hye teach will this experiment go up in flames with a cool explosion?" then my teacher was like "no la " so ok la . i was happily sitting on the morning fresh tar road , burning my test tube of wrath. 5 mins later while i was burning it over the bunsen burner, *BOOM!!!!!!!!* the whole test tube explodes with a huge bang and the test tubes break and glowwing chemical stuff starts flying out . IT WAS SO COOL!!!! but the bad part was that all of my classmates smelt like fart hahah . ooo yea then the 2nd experiment was iron and sulpher . The same thing happend but this 1 was bigger and wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better coz when it exploded the glass literally broke and yellowish greenish flames where squirting all round whoa !!!!damn cool wei!!!
FUck man i wana do the same experiment after PMR !!

Yesturday hockey training was like so damn farny . Half of the training I would be looking at the bunch of hot girls wearing mini skirts on the 1st fllor haha !! so that shows i wasnt really paying attention to wat Gary was teaching *heck* im pretty sure gary wanted to look to awwww nvm la Gary r turn will come soon.!!

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Sunday, July 02, 2006

WTF!!!! HOW CAN!!!

OMFG !!!! brazil is out frm the semis HOW CAN!!!!!!! NOOO!!!! 1st it was Argentina then noe BRAZIL!!! against frace aummore !! TIU!!

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