Tuesday, March 21, 2006

somethings that are basicly nothing

Theres this thing with blogging and me i mean i donno everytime i hav the earge to blog i just blog with no definate reason i mean i donno its like i have really nothing to say.

Well anywyays,today was just like any other unsuprising day.There has always been this rutine i just realise its always the same ok take for example a kid,every morning he wakes up expecting a brand new day but yet he does the same thing he did yesturday.I mean why cant a brand new day start with something brand new like something suprising or something that might or will make the kid look forword to the next day better then wat he was expecting of today.

Now moving on to another subject.Dont u sometimes just get really annoyed when u just cant find a perfect book to read but u force yourself to read just because you want to?? i donno about you but it always happends to me i mean not that i get really botherd in reading an undisireble,book but i just cant read a book that catches my attention with its first 2 chapters i mean when i read a book i usually read a few pages or chapters then if the book really catches my attention i will really get addicted to it like Da Vinci Code that was a book that really cought my attention and also same goes with the five people you meet in heaven.But yea books like Moa's LAst Dancer doesnt really give that "umph" that i need haha !! so far im reading The Flame Tree by Yang-May Ooi its kinda nice la but have to read more to find out if it really is that "umph" to it haha !! but really im not a kinda guy who will be patient enough to read a book on Mahatma Gandhi (though it is rather inspirationnal to some people)in a nice library with comfy coches,but yea id rather sit in Starbucks with a nice coffee and a good book (i bet everyone would do that wouldnt ya ?? hah !!)

so yea i guess this is it for now till next time


11:28 PM

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

random post ?

I think blogging is the coolest things in the world besides ice hockey and all.But yea,whats with some people and random post i mean why blog when u wanna do rendom post its kinda weird huh ??yea i thought so too anyways,yeap,im on hols 1 week hols.But dammit todays the last day,crap la i was enjoying myself so much (well i dint really do much during this hols but can say also la ) basicly it really proves that time REALLY FLIES!!! damn man it was like only yesturday i cleared my locker for the hols .And now im going back in to mess it back up hahaha anyways i also donno la some ppl jus dont enjoy hols coz they just cant wait to go back to school to see everyone i mean i aint wanan go back to school even tough they offer me a scholarship to UK(but i would think bout it la ) but basicly i dont want to go back to that particular school la !! haiz anyways yea thats all ive got.OOOoooooo ps wish me luck on me exam hahah !!!cheers !!!

6:07 PM

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

top ten things that u should do when ur bored

well these are the top ten things that i shall recommand to you when your bored
1.drink watermalon juiced with milk
3.irritate ur friends
4.watch stupid videos
5.check ur junk mail 1 by 1 by 1
6.search for soduku that really blows ur brain up
7.write testimonial for friends
8.go out in to the gr8 out doors
(9 and 10 i gotta fill in urself im all out )

7:30 PM

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D@nC!ng M0nK@y
Lets get the show on , yes rockstar ?

ME :)

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doing that thing i do :P

this is me. not your average joe. chef in training , photographer and ice hockey player

imma whoop your ass kiddo ;)


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