Saturday, September 24, 2005

lost like hell

i tell u yesturday hihihiihih....the game yesturday damn teruk man 5-2 how can wat happend but it wasall fun n good no body got hurt nobody died heheheh CHOIII!!!!touch wood touch wood hehe anyways i think this is all i gotta say la so till next time cheers!!

9:05 AM

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Monday, September 12, 2005

A funny story to be told

Saturday damn that day was the stupideist days in my life hihiih.Anyways heres the story,so it was a saturday and it so happend that i was goin for this 3on3 basketball tournament in my school,so me and Imran woke up bloody early like i think round 6 in the morning anyways so we played two games damn it was though but yea what the heck it was a fun game so what we lost 7-2 and 10-2 anyways so after the last game we decided to hang round for a while but then after a while we got really really bored n so we decided to go home but the only thing was that when we went to the office they said we could not get a taxi in couse my school is like in the mid of like NO WHERE!!so we went to the Shell station outside the school and we called a texi number the gaurd from my school gave us but the guy said that it would take two hrs jus to get to my school so we screwd it so then plan b -_-" anyways we walk all the way pass the mosque near my school ,pass all the shops (but on the way WALKING!!!we stoped at some mamak shop to buy some stuff n a toilet break la)then we got a bus stop and asked the man there what time the bus would come he said it would take a long time so we screwed it to and so we walk down the road and onto a junction to well hopefully wait for a texi so when a texi came i was well jumping for joy but bloody hell 25 bucks just to a stupid texi stand no way man!!so yea as usual we screwed it n we waited somemore another texi turned up and hell yea this was good we got a texi witch was woth taking 20 bucks all the way to pyramid n yea once i got in the texi i knocked off serious shit man so yea anyways i think we walked like 10-12km that day hahah anyways it was an adventure not to forget hhaha so till next time chows!!

9:40 PM

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Friday, September 02, 2005

Tangal 31 bulan lapan tukar spander baru

HELLOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!oii ppl !!!wassup !!anyways yesturday was...yea u guessed it MERDEKA!!!!!!!hahaha damn that was 1 cool day wei.I mean like yea damn cool man.Accept for that stupid sleep over at the museum wat a rip of man.But the cool thing was all the Brats that i hav never seen for o so long came so yea that was like the only cool thing and the heighlight was at Dataran Merdeka with all the fireworks so yea it was pretty cool.So i guess thats it till then chows!!

8:42 AM

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