Thursday, October 30, 2008

im addicted to facebook.... help =(

its that first tab i click on when i get into my Mozila Firefox
its the first password i type in when i want to log on
its the website i just cant get enough of
its ...
and im sad to say im a facebook addict *JENG JENG JENG * * dramatic suspicious music comes on *

i still remember the day i signed in to facebook. it was like some boring sosial website that could not beat my Friendster, Myspace or Hi5 websites and it would just be one of the websites that ended up like BeeBo * hehe which is ahilarious story when they sent me an email saying they were shutting down due to the world economy crisis hehehe =D ill post that another day * anyways like i said i never expected it to grow on to me like this .

The first thing when i loged in to facebook for the first time was that i had received a message from the "welcoming commitie " saying "Hi Welcome To Facebook , hope u have a great time here =)" . and with that smiley gramlin face, that smurk of that emoticon read the fine and finner lines of " Hi Welcome To Facebook , hope you have a great time here and NEVER ever leave foreever" it was like being stuck in a cage of the witches house in Hanzel and Gratel storybook .

As i started adding friends via my Hotmail account i got this messege that says " Vennessa Song has poked you , click here to poke her back " so as a clikedy clicked on the button i managed my way into poking her back . THEN came the super pokes and the war had began with the bombarding of thrown sheep and cows .

I thought that facebook's picture system would be close or the same as friendster's and gave it a shot by uploading my pics into Facebook and hoping that it would end up as a profile pic ... but i dint =( ... so sad ... so i began doing research, reading forums, experimenting till i found out on Yahoo! answers that in order to get ur pic on the profile pic u have to tag it . and im like " OOOWWWWHHHH no wonder la " so since then ive been tagging all sorts of pics of me and other people . so addictive i tell you .

It since then has been a daily chore to log on to Facebook to see my wall, the photo comments and the Super Poke thingy and yet i dont drade going on to facebook and now with the chat application, makes life a whole lot easier without the need of signing into msn to chat when u can just chat on facebook .


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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

its here , its here , it really really here !! =)

lookie lookie at the new Tamron i bought of this great website its great camera onling shop anyways i bought my new toy there take a look and enjoy =)

this it the new toy that came in this box

and so on so forth =D
*malas la *

so here are a few test shoots =)

4:46 PM

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Banana Loaf and Orange Juice

sometime when you enjoy life's most simplest things, you can tend to put aside all of life's materialistic things like that white pair of sneakers in your shoe cabinet or the Guess t-shirt your loved on got for you for Christmas. but all you can do is just savor the moment and take in all that is around you. a simple moment like having a banana loaf and orange juice makes alot of sense comforting you on a shiny sunny Sunday or a wet and rainy Wednesday. its all weather you will be able to think back the times when you were , well less put it this way "materialistic" without all the pleasures and stiff .

SO anyways beside the really umm how do i put this RANDOM paragraph up there , nothings really changed today. i think im getting really used to hanging out at Gloria Jeans Coffee House and studying which is getting kinda scary *as in the worst nightmare* for my wallet . the poor fella is puking out like RM11 for a cup of coffee each time i go there . but heck , beats the price in Starbucks =D .

i walked pass a Osim shop today and came accross this chair

man this thing looks like something Technology puked out . i mean look at it ! it looks like something darth vader would sit in and get his daily needs or something and it kinda looks like that depreesed emo robot from Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy whose head was cut into half for the pleassure of making this chair.

anyways the final exam of my school life begins in 21 days time and im so panic im shiverring ? no thats not right.. how bout " im so excited that my eye balls feel like thier detached from their sockets=)" yea i think that sort of hit the right note there =D hehe

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

at the bottom of the well

Ive always wanted to think about what my life would be if i were to place myself into another persons shoes. always wondered what i t would be like to live a rich but unhappy life or a poor but a well happy life. i think im a very lucky person to not live the extremities of life......this is so random i tell you.......

It all started with having a conversation with Kim on msn and it went like this :

DancingMonkay ~a: so watcya doing /
-Kim-: replying my wall post
-Kim-: hehe
-Kim-: facebook (:
-Kim-: you?
DancingMonkay ~a: ooo
DancingMonkay ~a: im on the guitar and blog and facebook
DancingMonkay ~a: and talking to u
-Kim-: haha
-Kim-: you harnly update your blog
-Kim-: *hardly
DancingMonkay ~a: nothing to say
DancingMonkay ~a: trying to think of something to say
-Kim-: lol
-Kim-: talk about something random
-Kim-: oh talk abuot food
-Kim-: how it is so sinful yet so delicious
-Kim-: hahaha
DancingMonkay ~a: hmm never thought of that before
DancingMonkay ~a: hehehe
-Kim-: lol
-Kim-: well that's something random for you to blog about ;)
DancingMonkay ~a: exactly
DancingMonkay ~a: thx kim!!

and yes that ladies and ladies with ball's leads us to this very post in which i will talk about the random things that go bump in my head .

firstly im so freaking happy my dear*well not so dear* school life will be over in approximately ummm 3 weeks time ? thats is till i have to sit for SPM that is . counting down the days in my head make me wanna eat jelly beans. * hold on , ill be right back.
ok im back. do you have any idea how annoying it gets when u eat Mars bars or jelly beans for that matter and its get stuck in your teeth. its so irritating i tell you . its like eating a sweet suicide bomber that plants itself in your tooth and slowly begins the tooth decay clock. and its also so hard to get them out. for years now ive been trying as hard as i possibly can to figure out why the f*ck did jelly bean companies come up with lickerish flavoured jelly beans. I mean bad enough their black but they taste like toilets. *dont ask me why but they just do* .

i think Adobe Photoshop is like gods give to mankind cause you can to freaking wonders with the thing. YOU CAN MAKE A FAT GUY LOOK LIKE HE LOST 40KG IN A DAY! thats how good it is . but the thing that gets me is that its damn addictive till the point that if anyone should ask you what youre doing even though your not really doing it you'll just say "im ummm umm err photoshoping ? " and it somehow make u feel that u have that bussiness and sophiticated photographer feeling. its awesome =D

ooo yea man i just found out that facebook has this.. Pirate English . its damn cool i tell you. its all like scallywag and ARGHH!! and when you log in i notice something before i entered my password... it said , i shit u not "remove ye chasity belt" IM DEAD SERIOUS.

anyways hehe this was random and now its raining =) till next time ! and oo yea THANKS KIM !

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D@nC!ng M0nK@y
Lets get the show on , yes rockstar ?

ME :)

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doing that thing i do :P

this is me. not your average joe. chef in training , photographer and ice hockey player

imma whoop your ass kiddo ;)

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