Wednesday, February 06, 2008


i tell you if u can play as fast as this fella here ill buy you the same drum set his using *metaphorically speaking that is =) *
Rim work drum solo

the used-taste of ink *YEA!*

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Saturday, February 02, 2008

aiyoyo sammy!!!

Dammit la i have GOT TO update this blog more often hmmmmm . .anyways its been godknows how long since I last updated my blog so im going to put in the whole kahuna on what I did for the last I think 2 months , yes ??

SO while I wasn’t updating my blog I was in Cambodia last yr in December *pics up on multiply*. And it’s a nice place and all but shit the food there sucks ! and bugger !!! they freaking use USD !! mahal doh !! but all and all it was a good 4 days =) ooo yea I forgot SPM year this year =( damn sedih but hye I’m out of the education hell hole after that MUAHAHAHAHH!! *Phffff what the hell*. So anyways to tell the truth I cant wait for spm *shocking music in the background* I donno is just the thrill of having finish my last school examination excites me. Any idea where I should work after spm ?? anybody?? .

Less talk about ass-pee-am its making me kinda sick couse its like everyday it always “eh spm la takut la bro” or “spm study study study , canoot go out , must study 24/7 until spm day” I tell you im so damn sick of those kind of individuals. What the fuck man, would a little going out and having a fun time ruin ur whole freaking 14 A spm result target ?? phfff screw you. Err not that I know of those kind of people la but if there are GET A FREAKING LIFE LA !!. cant wait to get my driving license after spm hehehehehHAHAHAHAHMUAHAHAHHAHA although it’s a long wait, I think its worth the wait.

Im kind of getting use to seeing so many super cars on the road these days , don’t you think so ?? its like everybody now days owns a Mazda Rx8 or a Nissan 350z its almost like a common car in KL allrdy and don’t let me et started on the mini coopers and bmw’s TONS OF THEM EVERYWHERE. What do you think I should get for my first car eyh ??? something second hand, something hardy, something inexpensive to maintain but has an hardy tough look. I was thinking that old BMW 350i or was it the 310i then my mum was like “its freaking impractical because it’s a freaking continental second hand car !so damn hard to maintain somemore, tak payah”. I was shocked by the fact that how the hect did my mum know so much on cars ? but oh well I guess ill search summore =).

Chinese new year around the corner people the only time of the year when you can wear red from top to toe and people wont think your part of the rainbow squad. And also the time of the year where you can gamble the crap out of yourself and claim yourself bankrupt with a good excuse. This year is the year of the rat, so I was reading the Chinese horoscopes in the Malay Mail today and I was reading under my year which is the sheep and it was written by Lilien Too. So was reading and fuck I realized that everything that was written was all the bad things that would happen to the sheep year. It wrote “the year of the sheep is an unfortunate unlucky year for you. You will have much trouble with your love life , business, and etc etc etc.” and then there was the ways to prevent the bad luck from accruing “in order to make your business better this year, place the lucky coin in a red angpau with some money and place it under your pillow before you sleep, in order to prevent robbery, place the blue rhino in you briefcase or car to protect your belongings” of course there was more la but I forgot. After reading it I was thining is this some kind of marketing tactic to lure people to buy more feng sui ornaments from her shop, or is it to get people to believe in feng sui ?? and what the hell is a blue rhino ?? is it like some kind of sick prank festival where people go around painting rhinos blue for no particular reason ?? *poor rhino.. its ok your now part of the blue man group*. Lucky im not believing in any of this. Phffff blue rhino in your briefcase, what the hell. Next what ?? a pink elephant in your wallet ?? you’ll be like paying for your groceries and you take your wallet out, and then OUT OF NO WHERE, a huge pink elephant pops out of your wallet ! then after paying , you put your wallet back in your back pocket and people might just get the idea that your a pitiful soul who must be suffering from the worst case of butt tumor. What the heck man.

So to all of you , GONG HEI FATT CHOY !!! and remember collect all those ang paus and get high sniffing all those cash in them hahaha !! have a great one guys .

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