Sunday, April 22, 2007

Good Charlotte concert 2k7

it was amazingly very very good !!! especially the local acts was very very very good One Buck Shot's performance was 1 of the best performance for the local acts and also Estranged was very very good . SADFULLY i dint take any photos though coz i tot i couldn't bring my camera so i bring it and when i was there ,i saw a whole wave of cameras in the sky it was damn sakit hati wei .

i meet alot of really good frends who i havnt seen for the past 4379274039823042 centuries . i saw Ann who was with her sister and frends and i also saw Su Chin who looks the same when i last saw her 4-5 yrs back thats how long i havnt seen her . BUT the best part was that i meet Sean,Mel and ARLEEN there too !! it was damn chun we got into the mosh pit was damn cool !! *i think there were people smoking ganja there coz i cud smell it * anyways besides that im trying to get sean to pass me some photos that his girlfrend took coz i wanna post it up .

it was a freaking good concert man last night i really hope MTV does something for the local music scene coz it would be even bigger !! ooo well this post isnt gonna be long coz there wasnt really much to talk about but yea ENJOY!!

10:44 AM

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Friday, April 13, 2007

speed painting

what some people do to waste time ... IS TOTALLY MAGNIFICENT I TELL YOU !!!

4:23 PM

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Monday, April 09, 2007

Touch The Sky

last weekend i watched two events back to back and one of them wasnt much ejoyable then the other one .

on Saturaday i watched Finding Nemo on ice which was pretty cool and all but some Punjabi fella *sry rephrase that sentence "a really Tall Punjabi fella" * was sitting right infront of me so i could not see much . nia sing ..... anyway i wouldnt say it say it was the best and all but it was good la wasnt fantastic .

the main event for the weekend was
Kanye West " Touch The Sky Tour"

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in Stadium Negara it seriously was the best off all the concerts ive been to . it was just reall really happening .Before the concert they had DJ Goldfish and DJ t-Bone spinning and umm a few local rap performances which was ummm pretty boring sad fully . then when Kanye West came on stage it was just phenomenal. The whole stadium just came to life it was the best. He performed i think 12 songs ?? and sad fully there was no Encore dammit -_- . anyways it was really really good . ooo by the way i saw Kimberly , Khai Ling and the people who were formally from Sri KDU at least i think it was them hehe . I CANT WAIT FOR MCR CONCERT if there is ever gonna be one la BUT i will most deffinately go for it unless im all outta cash then that would be a different story but looking at my financial status now...i would say its most probably not going to happen . sad . really sad .

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Monday, April 02, 2007

things that im really really not satisfied with!!

i tell you when the things that are on the "im not satisfied" list satys there FOREVER AND EVER !! *until someone who so damn kind to resolve the matter *

Ladies and girls i present you with the "im not satisfied" list

1)I have fuckingly come up with a conclusion that MALAYSIA HAS *no wait,make that has ALWAYS!!!* BEEN A COUNTRY WITH A REALLY REALLY BAD INTERNET CONNECTION !!! and its kinda pissing me off coz imagine writing a really really long article on god knows what u want to put up in ur blog and when you want to post it the internet will in my butts name pop up with some shtupid page that says "THIS PAGE CONNOT BE FOUND !!U DICK HEAD !! " and ill be like stupidly starring at the page trying to think of a way to release the anger that MADE MY FUDGING ANNOYED !!!

2) why cant the sports ministry and the government of Malaysia build a GODDAMN OLYMPIC SIZE ICE HOCKEY RINK !! i mean take for example of the collection of the 382103218483207813 useless "architecture structures" in Cyber Jaya THEY EVEN HAVE A DAMN GOLDEN BRIDGE THERE !!*at least i think it is 0_o??* why the heck do we need a San Fransisco Golden Bridge in Malaysia ?? it must have cost at least a bloddy atom bomb to build!! and an olympic ice hockey rink would only cost probably a torpedo?? anyways my point is....DUDE , PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BUILD SOMETHING USEFUL!!!SERIOUSLY !!

3) * umm i think im pretty satisfied with the rest of the things Malaysia has to offer * so if you have anything that you might wanna put up on the "im not satisfied" list just add it to the comment list "thats the green button bellow the entry that says "0 Danced Back " hehe =)

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D@nC!ng M0nK@y
Lets get the show on , yes rockstar ?

ME :)

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doing that thing i do :P

this is me. not your average joe. chef in training , photographer and ice hockey player

imma whoop your ass kiddo ;)

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