Thursday, August 27, 2009

never knew till it hit me

this is gonna be a random post . so im gonna blab out stuff k ?

i have never thought about how much i have neglected the little things that made me happy once upon my childhood days . just pure simple things like a bar of choclate. the joy of having a choclate bar to yourself as a kid was mind blowing . i mean literally mind blowing. and as we grow older that feeling , that happiness , that joy , that smile you or I once had on our faces , soon turns into a norm. its like it just dies down as we get so pre-occupied about all the bigger things in life that that sense of joy dies out like a camp fire thats left alone for saveral days in the woods.

i was walking in Jusco pyramid the other day and i came across the choc/candy/sugary goodness isle. i came across and old friend. a Cadbury Choclate bar... oooooo hohohoho the joy on my face as i picked my fav was haha kinda well funny . i had that wide eyed excited grin look on my face . then after i picked my choclate bar, i thought to myself , "wow J , its been awhile since youve felt like that over a choclate bar ." then it hit me , ive been missing out eh ??

so yes anyways what im trying to say is that, we should all not forget that kid inside us we use to be , not to forget how we use to feel over the small things that made us happy.

11:22 PM

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

I am happy , genuinely =D fow sizzle me nizzle yaw ..

yes , what ever that's mantion on the above title is GENUINELY true . there are certain things that are happening to me that i will take as a blessing haha . SOOO ok well to tell you the truth , im not that happy about certain things as in financially im depressed , BUT BUT hey , money cant buy happiness kan ? *SHUT UP IF YOUR GOING TO SAY "but shopping makes you happy" SHADDUP!!!* hehe ;P

one of the factors why my happy cells are multiplying by the billions is cause i finally got my P license ! =D i know i know , most of you have probably got it light years ago but hey, im finally joining the P club =D haha now all there is for the P license to work is a car ... hmmm hahah soon to come soon to come . Like the saying goes , good things come to people who wait =D haha *Nissan GTR! ,GTR ,GTR ,GTR ! *

the other factor to the huge as smile on my face is also coz ... MY NEW HOCKEY GLOVES ARE HERE =D =D =D !! ooooo , ive been waiting for these babies to reach here for 3 weeks bai.. 3 weeks feels blardy long if youve been waiting for something you want so so badly . -_-

so yes OO its Ramadhan month too starting as i type this post , yay! , bazaar Ramadhan XD kebabs, here i come =O hehe on the darker side , ive got kitchen class on monday ..... -_- and im suppose to be chef for the day ... really is an FML moment eh ?? hahah oh well being optimistic haha

3:26 AM

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Why not Join Twitter

they ask me "hey J , why not join twitter , everyones on it " WELL i say , why join twitter when Plurk can do the same exact thing =D except for like the purks of having more people on twitt BUT PHHFTTT!!! THOU SHALL HOLD BACK THE PEER PREASSURE .

anyways complaing bout that issue isnt the only thing ive been doing since the last time ive bloged . alot has been going about and oooo yea ive open a new Flickr account =D *1 sec of silence for shutterfly* =D . anyways yea all my photos are up there soooooo have a look on this link here and enjoy =) .

havnt been playing much hockey lately which is a F*cking pain in the ass bummer =( . BUT i try to make every training cout =D .

i think its fair to say that life is about give and take done you think ? im just ranting useless rants here but yea i do believe in give and take . Me , i personally have broken it down into 3 which are : things where u just cant have , things you work your ass off to get and things which are there and u just have to grab it . =)

anyways alots been up with me and its all in photos , once again its on flickr soooooooooooo go see see and look look and enjoy =D

7:40 PM

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D@nC!ng M0nK@y
Lets get the show on , yes rockstar ?

ME :)

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doing that thing i do :P

this is me. not your average joe. chef in training , photographer and ice hockey player

imma whoop your ass kiddo ;)

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