Thursday, November 08, 2007

soulja boy just got better

i use to think this song was crap but haha after listening to this i changed my mind =)
Heres Soulja Boy-crank that Travis Barker Remix

11:40 PM

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Monday, November 05, 2007

its been a tiring week =)

wow i cant believe that i've actually done so much in such a short time its almost like i gone true time into the future to do so much at such a short time . this year is just flying way way to fast on the one way express .

i thought that i started of my year with a blast at Sri Sedaya , but as time went on i found myself saying the same thing that all the other students have been saying "this school would do better without a few teachers". Id have to agree to that statement but just to come back down to earth for a while , the saying "the students make the school" is well,reasonable enough to believe but then again if the teachers of the school do not work with the students , the soul purpose of that saying no more exist anymore . my question that i leave this paragraph would be . is it right to stand your ground on the teachers who have their good faces on with your parents and their bad faces on you when your parents are not looking ??

anyways it has been for sure one kanasai school year for me haha BUT i sure did meet a couple of crazy people who i call my best friends haha =) and found myself in a crush with a korean girl =) not going out yet though *i kinda got a problem with that * .

SINCE the holidays are here ..... yes !!! im back to part time !! no no no not in freaking sri hartamas but somewhere closer to home say....sunway pyramid with its massively huge second wing *at least to me it looked huge * . THE MAIN HIGHLIGHT OF THE NEW WING IS :
1.Carls Jr *freaking good burgers with a price to kill *
2.the huge ass quicksilver shop YES!!!!!
5.ahhh screw it la the whole place is perfecto !!

i think i dont have to go all the way out to kl anymore cos ive got everything next door hahahahha get it get it next door ?? haha damn i crack myself up sometimes .

how do you ask a girl out ?? hehe

9:48 PM

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D@nC!ng M0nK@y
Lets get the show on , yes rockstar ?

ME :)

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doing that thing i do :P

this is me. not your average joe. chef in training , photographer and ice hockey player

imma whoop your ass kiddo ;)

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